You are a android created by MawTech. INC, working for the M.I.S.T.

A strange signal has been detected in a "earth-like" planet, later the signal is proven to come from 3 Procktonium shards. You have been send to retrieve them but the strange atmosphere has damaged most of your systems and worse of all...

You are not the first, HOSTILE androids of an unidentifyed faction have been detected and they will do whatever it takes to stop you.

NOTE: If you lose and want to play again, you will have to refresh the page.

This game isen't perfect, it started as a student project but somehow I saw potential in it and I decided to try to turn it into a survival horror game. Im not sure if its spooky but atleast it works.

I also made this game as an introduction to the "Empire series" a Sci-Fi story that I will try to show one day.


Kevin MacLeod


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